Flavor of the Month

That’s what my wife calls my often short lived obsessions.

From robots to religion. While my bouts of obsession appear very random, there is a common thread. I typically only obsess over subjects that somehow relate back to technology or self improvement. The path back to these two subjects is not always direct. Like an episode of James Burke’s “Connections” some of the paths are difficult to rationalize.

These obsessions typically don’t last for very long. Only long enough to develop a working competence. Once I feel reasonably comfortable with a subject it’s off to the next. Today it might be embedded controllers. Next week it might be the benefits of juicing.

This obsession habit began when I was in elementary school. I had been studying Leonardo Da Vinci, the original Renaissance Man. The man was a genius on so many levels that modern science still turns to his works for inspiration. Up until then I thought that when you grew up you were supposed to do one thing, butcher, baker, candlestick maker. Leonardo opened my eyes to being multifaceted about your interests.

Did you know you can make a plyometrics box out of plywood? Coincidence? I think so!

My two boys are smart enough to use my passion of developing a quick working competence to their advantage. Boy Scout Pinewood Derby cars, toothpick bridges, working models of trebuchets and guillotines. Both boys know that if it’s a hands on project involving any technology from ancient to modern I am more than willing to chew it up and help them spit out a really cool project.

Sometimes I don’t even remember being interested in a subject. Until I rediscover some insight that occurred to me during the previous visit.

My intention is to document my successes and failures in such a way that if the reader chooses to pursue the same subjects they can develop their own competences faster than I developed my own. Stand on the shoulders of others as it were. I am not a giant but I am 6’5”!

As you might expect my current obsession is the subject of blogs and blog writing. More than a few times my research has indicated that your blog page should be about relatively narrow subject matter in order to target a particular readership. I have chosen a slightly different approach to my blogging only because my interests vary so widely.

Here are some of the subjects that I plan on rambling about in future articles:

  • EDC – Everyday CarryMinimalism
  • Buddhism
  • Robotics
  • Technology especiallyComputers
  • Martial Arts (Krav Maga in particular)
  • DIY – Do it Yourself
  • PMA – Positive Mental Attitude
  • Psychology
  • Programming
  • Embedded controllers – Computers that control devices
  • Remote Control Vehicles
  • Chess
  • Cognitive Training
  • Physical Training
  • Fitness & Nutrition

So if any of the subjects above interest you I hope you come back to visit. If none of the subjects interest you come back and visit anyway, I am sure I will be on a tangent on something not listed above.


What things are you obsessive about?  Leave feedback!

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